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Monday, October 20, 2008

sick,sick,sick!! :o(

OK....this will be short! I have done it..I have run myself ragged and now I have NO voice and I am SICK! For those of you who know KNOW I like to TALK ALOT (no JOKE) and this whole NO voice thing is KILLING ME!!! So anyways...the Halloween Onesie/Tee giveaway is OFFICIALLY CLOSED! Hopefully I will be drawing a name later tonight or tomorrow!

OK...I have TONS to blog about!!

1. We had a Jr League Gala this weekend so I need to tell you all about that and add pics! Plus...I am on Decorations Committee so I will share some awesome event decorating tips!! :o)

2. I made Emma Kelly her 2nd birthday party outfit so I will reveal that and hopefully some pics of her in it as well!! I was totally bummed to miss her birthday party on Saturday but it started at 3:30 and the gala was at 6:00pm on Saturday...there was just NO way! Anyways...I met up with Kellie last week to give her the outfit and she LOVED IT!! So I will have pics to share SOON!!

3. OH MY GOSH! I went to the NEW KIDS concert on Sunday (with out hardly any voice) but I'm SOO glad I didn't miss it! It was amazing! I have tons of pics and lots to write about!

4. A BRAND NEW CONTEST that will only last about 3 days!! YEAH FOR FREE STUFF!!


So..hopefully I will feel better soon and until then..have a great night!!


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