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Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't Stop Believing.......

glee(gle) n.

1. great merriment {syn:hilarity};

2. malicious satisfaction {syn: gloat}

Did anyone watch the PILOT episode of the new show Glee?? OH MY GOSH...I am in LOVE with this new show and SO excited for it to start in the fall. It is quirky, funny, and a feel good show for the fall! And one of my favorite things....SINGING and DANCING! If you LOVE SHOW are going to LOVE this show!! It is a MUST watch for the fall!! TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS and LISTEN TO A SONG FROM THE SHOW!!

Most of you don't know this but when I was little I ALMOST ALWAYS had the lead role in the church musicals...yes I was the one to beat always. I did share the spotlight sometimes but not very often. :o) I was always involved with choir and music in some way or another. I took piano lessons from like 5-13....OH HOW I HATED THE LESSONS!! BUT MOM...if you are reading were RIGHT!! I am SO thankful and I LOVE to play the piano! Thanks for always pushing me and telling me just 10 MORE MINUTES! Man...I hated the EGG TIMER!! lol

Anyways....I am just SO pumped about this show....Brian and I are watching together and this is something he didn't grow up appreciating. He doesn't dance or ever sing, but music is one of the things I LOVE the most! I just love it! I always secretly wanted to be on Broadway. Even last fall we went to see a play/musical and I thought to myself how much I wanted to get back into it! But...alas it didn't happen. I am STAGE fright now! My best friend Lea made me sing karaoke TWICE in LA and I was SO nervous both times....I did it but I was petrified! I've been told I can sing but I don't know about that anymore! lol

Just wanted to see if anyone else watched Glee and what were your thoughts on it?? I can't for it to come on every week!!! Have a great holiday weekend!! Yeah FOR A 3 DAY WEEKEND!!
BTW: I am still getting TONS of orders for Bentley Bows...SO EXCITING!! Keep passing us can purchase them HERE. Thanks again and PLEASE be patient with me as I am getting the orders out!!
Thanks so much!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bentley Bows are a HUGE SUCCESS!!

Wow! All I can say is WOW!! The Bentley Bows have been a HUGE success!! People have been coming out of the WOODWORKS to buy BOWS, donate money and to offer up free items and even give percentages of one month of work!! (More on that in a bit)

Thank you SO much to everyone that has supported this venture thus far! Thank you so much to Kelly, Angie, Cynthia and Brandi with B4 Photography for posting the Bentley Bow info on their has caused lots of traffic and some generous people buying BOWS! I started a BENTLEY SUPPORTERS post on the side of my blog!! It LITERALLY grows EVERYDAY!! I am just loving adding people and company's to the list!!

The bows are ONLY available for purchase on my website!
Also, please let me know if you want to donate money and I can direct you to the right place. My amazing friend Brandi with B4 Photography has generously offered up 10% of her June Photo Sessions. WOW...she has ALOT of sessions in June so that in itself will help alot! Please go check out her work...she's amazing and she's in the DFW area but will travel all over!! :o)

Also....a fabulous customer of mine, Jaime sells Discovery Toys and she has offered to donate 10% of her commission from her sales for the month of June!! amazing is everyone!! God is opening up people's hearts for Miss Bentley and I CANNOT thank you enough! This has turned out to be bigger and better than I ever thought and its ALL because of MY AMAZING CUSTOMERS, BRAND NEW CUSTOMERS, BLOG READERS, FRIENDS and everyone else who has contributed! You are ALL greatly appreciated!!

Let me know if you want the link to post the Bentley Bow Button so you can post it on your blog, website, myspace or facebook! Thanks again and I can't wait to hear from Crystal tomorrow about Miss Bentley! PLEASE keep their whole family in your prayers! They are needing the prayer warriors right about NOW!

Thanks again and enjoy your week!


TOTALLY THANKFUL for all the awesome Bentley Bow supporters!! You GUYS ROCK!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I am SO excited to be doing this for a dear blogger friend, Crystal with You and Me Plus Three. Her sweet baby girl, Bentley is having Open Heart Surgery on May 20th. I have been following Crystal's blog for quite some time now and I wanted to do something for them. I first met Crystal about 2 years ago. She was doing website/myspace design and I had her make my myspace. We lost touch for a while but have reconnected and I'm SO grateful. She is SO sweet and has such a beautiful family.

I wanted to do something nice for their family and for Miss Bentley. She was born with this heart condition and this MAY be on of several open heart surgeries but hopefully by the grace of God she will only have to go through this once. Their insurance apparently doesn't cover all of the surgery nor does it cover her VERY expensive formula or some Dr. visits/appointments. Apparently the FORMULA alone is CRAZY expensive and her Pediatrician has fought for the insurance to cover but they refuse.

SO...I have created 3 BENTLEY bows! HALF of ALL the proceeds for all 3 Bentley Bows will go back to Miss Bentley and her family to cover the costs of all their medical expenses. I know its NOT a lot but I felt like glam R baby needed to do their part in helping!! To PURCHASE the BOWS...please contact me at, or (give me until Monday evening to get them on the website!)

Today..we are REVEALING the 3 BENTLEY Bows...Crystal worked very closely with me to pick out colors and patterns and we also wanted them to match their FAMILY blog!! I think we have accomplished that and I'm so excited to announce them! PLEASE buy one FOR you, your friends, your family and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS about it!! Please feel free to REPOST on your OWN blog and lets get the WORD out....Buy a BENTLEY BOW!!!

All of the photography is done by my AMAZING friend and photographer B4 Photography. Please check out her work...she does a fabulous job. She is the DFW area but travels all around Texas for an extra charge. She also participates in several charity organizations around the DFW area. She is a phenomenal person and has a great eye!! Can't say enough nice things about my girl!! Check out her BLOG and WEBSITE!!

ALL 3 BOWS are available on a headband, a french clip or an alligator clip. They are also available for purchase as piggie bows. If you purchase them as piggie bows there is a price break. Thanks again...hope you LOVE the BOWS!!

The 1st Bentley Bow is the SMALLEST of all 3. This adorable Chocolate Zebra Bow has 2 layers with a swavorski crystal in the middle. Simple and sweet and perfect for piggies or on a headband for a newborn.

- Sm. Bentley on Headband: $16
-Sm. Bentley on french/alligator: $10
-Sm. Bentley Piggies: $18

The 2nd Bentley Bow is the Medium size. I LOVE this BOW! It is SO me! It is a large brown bow with the chocolate zebra layered on top with light pink marabou fluff in the middle. SO CHIC and ADORABLE!!

-Med. Bentley Bow on headband: $22
-Med. Bentley Bow on french/alligator: $15
-Med. Bentley Bow Piggies: $25

OK...LAST but NOT least!! This BIG Bentley Bow is NOT for the meek. This BOW speaks volumes and I GUARANTEE if your baby or little girl wears this she will get TONS of attention! This bow WILL stop traffic. It is a BIG bow and one of glam R baby's speciality's! Over the TOP and SO sassy! This bow has LAYERS and LAYERS of coordinating ribbon! It contains the chocolate zebra, leopard print, brown/pink dots and it has a light pink shabby chic rose in the middle! FABULOUS!!!

BIG Bentley Bow on Headband: $34
Big Bentley Bow on French/Alligator: $25

Again.....please feel free to post this on your blog and LETS get the orders in for Miss Bentley!! Also please pray for The Welsh Family...they will be enduring alot in about a week. Pray for a successful surgery for Miss Bentley and a quick recovery. I KNOW she will do great!! :o)

Thanks so much guys....have a great week and lets get the word out on the Bentley Bows!!