glam R baby FABULOUS FANS!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


CONGRATULATIONS!! You are the winner!! Sorry I have no fancy pics or anything but I am behind on ALL my work, so this is your CONGRATULATIONS POST!!


Please email me at to send me your full name and address and I will send this tutu to you tomorrow!!

Thanks SO much to everyone who entered!! I am HAVING a blast with these contests!!

BTW: I will REQUIRE a pic of ALL my contest winners so I can post them on my blog!! So PLEASE...if you win one of my contests...SEND ME A PICTURE...I am going to make a SPECIAL section for contest winners!! on the lookout for my next contest! It will probably be in a couple weeks...THIS TIME there will be TWO winners!! YEAH!! This will also be a trivia contest....YES..thats will have to WORK FOR IT!!!

Thanks again ladies...HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


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