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Thursday, September 11, 2008

WEIGHING HEAVY..................

Wow...this has been weighing heavy on me for the last couple weeks in waiting for "this" day. Sometimes I get so caught up in everyday errands, busy-ness, work, family that I forget to STOP and remember how I felt that day and how I wanted to just cling to my friends and family. I remember just being in shock and having a great feeling of absolute disbelief.

Now its 7 years later and I have this lump in my throat as I watch videos and listen to news reports from that day. It has such an impact on me still and everyone else for that matter. Its a day NO ONE will ever forget.

I pray for the families who lost loved ones. They were moms, dads, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, husbands,wives, grandaughters, grandsons, grandparents, aunts, uncles, step sisters, brothers, moms and dads. They were people like you and me and they deserve to be remembered always. Things like this put piddly things in perspective for me. So what if I didn't get enough sleep, so what if I don't feel good, so what if I can't get everything done that I want to, I'm here.

I pray that September 11th, 2008 is a beautiful day of rememberance and dedication to all of the heroes, and HEROES they ALL ARE. Thank you God for my life everyday and please Lord be with everyone as they remember and dedicate this day to all that were lost. Help us to remember what is REALLY imporant and to remember that sometimes things AREN'T SO bad. God Bless everyone.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Frio 2008

I could use a break from working so I guess I will post some pics from our recent vacation to the Frio River. Most people have NO clue what the Frio is or where the heck it is. It is about 1 1/2 hrs from San Antonio and we go to a placed called CONCAN. YES!! CONCAN, not to be confused with Cancun. People ALWAYS say that...sheez! Anyways, so I have been going to the Frio River since I was 2yrs old. We stayed at Garner State Park and actually "camped" back in the day. It didn't last long though because my mom needed the A/C, potty and kitchen! LOL So as I got older my mom's side of the family started planning a trip there every year and we all stayed together in a big house. We always had a great time but as the "kids" got older they started having their own kids we kind of just stopped going. So, after Brian and I got married I was convinced to start going again every year and that is what we have done!!!

Its one of my ALL time favorite places to be! WE had an absolute blast this year and can't wait to go again!

Every year we take my niece and nephew, Shayne and Maddie and we always have SO much fun! This year we decided to stay longer and we were there for 5 nights! My parents came on Saturday and hung out with us all day and then my sister, Tammy came up Saturday night and stayed until early Tuesday morning. The river was down this year but we made the best of it. We did get to go tubing, which was a blast, and basically all we did was swim, relax, drink and enjoy not being able to use our cell phones or Internet!! It was FABULOUS!

The kids had a great time as always. I hope they have great memories of the Frio River like I have always had. Our hope is to continue to go when we have our own kids to pass on this love that I for that place. Its all about family, friends, fun, relaxing, drinking beer, music and floating the river. Its a nice trip away from reality. Frio..we will miss you until next year!! :o)

This is us dancing at the Neal's Lodge Dance Floor on Saturday night in the RAIN! HA!

Tam and the kids!

This is what happens when Shayne is mean to Maddie and she ends up with some SERIOUSLY SWEET revenge! Payback is a MOTHER SHAYNE!! LOL (Man, we laughed so hard about this for a long time! She got him SOO good!!)

Rainy day at the river! If you look closely you can see Madison WAY down there by the river.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Ok...well its technically NOT Monday anymore but here goes with my mindless posting. Monday's are definitely for the mindless, except today because most of us had a HOLIDAY today! YEAH! Even though I don't technically "go to work"..anyways..enough babbling. We went to Ennis this past weekend to see Brian's family. We did some shopping (nothing else to do in those parts), visiting some family and that's about it. It was great to see Brian's uncle,cousins and their kids. We don't see them too often so that was a surprise. It was kinda nice to do nothing. SIGH.

I think I will just ramble this evening. Let me tell you about something great I found and BOUGHT recently. Its called a MOMagenda, but they also have them in a MYagenda version as well. They are SUPER functionable and SUPER adorable! Last year I actually purchased the MOMagenda because the boutique I bought it from didn't have the MY version. It was HOT PINK and fabulous! It has sections for kids, activities and I love the planners that have the MONTH at a glance calendar and the daily one. LOVE IT! So this year while at Canyon Lake visiting my fam, Maddie and I found this brand new boutique and they had the MYagenda in NONE other than LEOPARD! You know I snatched that thing RIGHT up! The awesome thing with it is that it started in AUGUST 2008 instead of January. SO cool!! This is what my agenda looks like but they actually have LOTS of selections to choose from and let me tell you...if your like me and you still like to write in a calendar (as a planner) instead of using a Blackberry/iphone/Palm (and I have a Blackberry..LOL) then this is for you!! Go check it out! Here's the website:

SUPER cute right?? Go BUY one! Well I need to get back to work! More posts and pics to come soon...MAYBE tomorrow!! Stay tuned!!