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Monday, March 23, 2009

....and the WINNER is.......


Congratulations LEANNA!!! Please contact Brandy @ She will get your address from you and mail it out to you! Give her a couple days because I think she is making it especially for you!! :o) Enjoy your cross and PLEASE send us a picture after you hang it on your wall...we would LOVE IT!! :o)
Also, make sure to contact Brandy by Thursday or I will have to draw another name when I get back form Vegas!! Thanks AGAIN to everyone who entered into the giveaway!! We will have another giveaway as soon as we get back form VEGAS!
If you are interested in Brandy's crosses, feel free to contact her by email ( or through her MYSPACE!
Have a FABULOUS WEEK!!! I will be soaking up the SUN and the CASINO'S in VEGAS FOR 7 DAYS!!! SOOO EXCITED! I will have TONS of pics when I get back!!
Peace, ♥, Couture!!

The giveaway is OFFICIALLY over!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. The winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon! I will also be starting a new giveaway before we leave on our trip to Vegas for 7 DAYS!! Woohoo!!!

Again...thanks for entering and if you are not the winner, please visit Junk by Reese and buy one of her crosses for you, for a family member or as a gift!! Tell her glam R baby sent you!! :o)

Have a WONDERFUL week!!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Giveaway is ALMOST over!

Only a couple more days to get in on the giveaway!! Don't miss out on this great cross by Junk by Reese!! The giveaway will end on MARCH 22nd at MIDNIGHT so KEEP those ENTRIES coming!!! Have a FABULOUS weekend!!
PS: I will be attending a SUPER fun girly REAL tea party on Sunday! I am SUPER excited...its an annual thing we started last year. I will for sure take lots of pics. This hotel we are going to is SO beautiful and The Afternoon Tea is completely authentic...LOVE IT!! xoxo

Monday, March 16, 2009



SUPER DUPER excited about this giveaway!! OK...I will give you a little background on how I know this FABULOUS LADY!! She has a little girl and she has been a WONDERFUL customer of mine! Miss E is always decked out in my bows and clothes!! I just LOVE my LOYAL customers!! Well....she started making these really great crosses and I just HAD to have one for my glam R Baby office! So I told her what I liked and she TOTALLY nailed it!! I LOVED it!! So I ended up ordering 2 more for me for my house and one for my sister as a house warming gift. They are SO well made, FABULOUS and the best thing about is that she will make them COMPLETELY custom!! They are made to YOUR specifications! TRUST will NEVER be disappointed with her crosses!!

So I am SURE you are dying to know what the giveaway will be!!! guessed AMAZING CROSS by JUNK BY REESE!! This cross was hand picked by me because it is SOO my style!! I love ANYTHING animal print so I knew it had to include that! All her crosses are handmade and ready to hang on the wall. They make great gifts for ANY occasion are they are a GREAT size! The are perfect for birthdays, baby showers, housewarming parties, wedding showers (think: a cross with the happy couples initials to hang in their NEW home!), holidays, or FOR yourself!! You can make them fun and funky, traditional, elegant and even MANLY! The possibilities are ENDLESS....Junk By Rees DOES NOT disappoint!!! :o)

($50 Value)

Isn't it ADORABLE?? It is perfect for your baby's room, your tween's room, college dorm room or maybe you are FUNKY like me and it will GO anywhere in your house!! Love the zebra, the splash of the lime green and the metal cross on top of the 3 layers of crosses.

If you are interested in ordering crosses by Junk By Reese please contact her here or by email. ( She is working on getting a website when they get back from vacation. are the rules for ENTERING into to our drawing.

You will have 15 TOTAL chances for entries for this AMAZING cross!!

Here are the specifics:

-ANYONE can enter this giveaway, you don't have to have a is available for ANYONE.

-Leave your FULL name and your favorite HOBBY in a comment: 1 entry

-Post giveaway on your blog & link to my blog & to JUNK BY REESE (let me know) : 2 entries

-Order and pay for a cross by Junk By Reese: 10 entries

-Tell a friend about the giveaway (make sure they let me know your name): 2 entries

Let's get this giveaway started!! Start commenting and GOOD LUCK!! THE GIVEAWAY WILL END on MARCH 22ND at MIDNIGHT!!


MY awesome glam R baby cross!! (photo by B4 Photography)

Love the shape of the crosses and OF course the fleur de lis!

Love the TURQUOISE in this one!!

What a great one to remember a loved one! (This was ordered by a really good friend of mine who's husband lost a brother. She ordered 6 of these crosses for family members.)

How ADORABLE is this one?? This would be SO cute in a nursery or your princesses room!

Love how clean and sophisticated this one is and I love the PERSONALIZATION of it.

Ooohhh..this would look GREAT in my house! I love leopard print and it is scattered ALL throughout my house!

Unfortunately most of us know someone or has a family member that has been affected by Breast Cancer. What another great way to add awareness with this great ALL pink cross!

Last but not least...this super stylish and FUN red and zebra cross with LOTS of BLING!! You all KNOW how I love BLING!! :o)

These are just a few of the possibilities....they are just to give you an idea of what she can do!! Can't wait to see how many entries we get!! Well...I'm finally OFF to bed!! GOODNIGHT or good morning!




Wednesday, March 11, 2009


OK....I have some EXCITING NEWS!!! A friend of mine, who alse sells some amazing things, has donated something to my blog to giveaway to a reader!!! I am SO excited because her things are SOO great!! Trust will LOVE THEM!!

So I guess this is kind of a TEASER because I won't post the giveaway until tonight or tomorrow!! There will be LOTS of chances to win this STAY TUNED!! BTW: the item we are giving away is a $50 VALUE!! Woo-HOO!!! Wish I could WIN IT!!

Check back tomorrow morning or afternoon to see if it has been posted!!

Hope everyone is staying warm in the DFW area today...whats up with this WINTER weather....GO AWAY I tell you...we like the warm!!



Monday, March 09, 2009

Pretty Damn Wonderful in San Antonio!

Your probably wondering whats up with my title....well I will tell you! My amazing sister has opened up her very FIRST store in the San Antonio area. It is called p.d.w. Designs hence the name PRETTY DAMN WONDERFUL. This saying originally came from my Uncle Bo who told Tammy a long time ago that she was PRETTY DAMN WONDERFUL! Cool huh?? And let me tell you....SHE really IS! She has had her fair share of ups and downs in the last 12-13 years and this is such a cool thing and a great accomplishment! She is NOT technically "my sister" but my ex-sister in law....BUT SISTER is a title given to one that has been SISTERLY, not necessarily by BLOOD! She is amazing and we are very proud of her. You know my niece and nephew I always talk about...she is their MOM!! Love ya TAM!

Ok....enough of that because when she reads it I'm sure she will cry! :o) My mom used to say that TAM would cry when she took the trash out!! LOL about a month ago she officially opened her store!! YEAH! We went to SA for the GRAND OPENING Party and Ribbon was so great and we were SO happy that we got to be there! So...let me tell you a little bit about my sister and what she does that way you will have a better understanding of the store! She does interior design, staging, floral arrangements, Picture Art, painting, and MUCH more! She does something called "STAGING TO STAY" too....basically just redoing your home with your things and maybe some additional art work/florals, etc. She is REALLY great at what she does!! She was just here at my house last weekend painting for 14 hours a day and staging our house to sell!! It looks SOO amazing and our realtor was SO excited because he said EVERYTHING was PERFECT!!! He didn't wanted to change a thing!!

Ok...SO enough talking...I have TONS of pictures from that here they are!!!

Here's Tam...Miss p.d.w. herself!!

My daddy and Brian (hubby) putting up the sign!

CUTE cake HUH?? (perfect for a ribbon cutting!) OH...and this was one of the BEST cakes I have TASTED in a LONG TIME!! Holy COW! If you live in San Antonio...let me know if you want the cake lady's was REALLY YUMMY!!!

Here are a few pics from the inside of the store. The WALL of fabrics is for custom boutique furniture and upholstery.
My niece Maddie...she was a GREAT sales girl!! :o)
You CAN'T have a grand opening without a little WINE!! :o)

Here is the OFFICIAL RIBBON CUTTING photo!! There was about 40-50 people there during the grand opening party!! It was a great turnout!!

Karen, Father Will and my daddy
So remember the crying granny (who wasn't able to come) gave my sis this crystal candy dish for her store. Its was given to her by my Uncle's mom who has passed was very special. And...yes you guessed...she cried! (me too, a little!)

Me, Shayne and Mads..LOVE THEM!!! :o)
My mom wearing a pettiskirt after the party!! Isn't she cute??

Mads and my hubby messing around! He LOVES her so much and she loves all the attention she gets from him!! :o) (she was extra clingy to him this day)

Left to Right: Aunt Robbie, Tam, Aunt Dottie and my mom
Both of my aunts came all the way from Corpus for a 3 hour party!! It was very sweet and I was SO glad they came to support Tammy. This is my mom's 2 sisters.

Me and Shayne!!

OK......that was the party! It was a great day and she still has TONS of work to do...but its a great start!! The next time we are in SA I will take pics and see all the progress she has made at the store!! She just landed a GREAT redecorating job for a chiropractor in SA...he wants her to REDO the ENTIRE office, pick out paint colors and change every one of his rooms!! If you are in the San Antonio,Texas area and are interested in her services...let me know! She is AMAZING at what she does...she can help you pick out paint colors, STAGE your home, floral arrangements, picture and SO much MORE!!
Hope you enjoyed my LONG post!!
Peace, ♥, COUTURE!!