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Sunday, October 26, 2008


WOW!! Thanks to all who entered! We had almost 70 ENTRIES!! HOLY COW...thats more than double the entries last time!! for the next giveaway I would like to make it to 125 entries!! Yes...your odds will go down, but I'm thinking about drawing TWO names at every drawing! I think the first one we draw will get the prize and the second one will get a small hair bow...WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Do you like the IDEA of having 2 winners?? Give me some feedback PEEPS! :o)

So..keep watching the blog! I am going to post the winner tonight or tomorrow!!



kat said...

i think its a great idea

Nat said...

I think that would be an awesome idea!:)

Shelley said...

Noelle, I think its a great idea to have 2 winners (selfish I know)! ;)

Frugal Fabulous Jen said...

That is a great idea! We enjoyed seeing you yesterday! Madeline is wearing one of her glamRbaby outfits today!

Anonymous said...

YES! 2 winners!

Ashley said...

I think drawing two names would be great. Not just for those winners but as well as for you and your business. Those winners are free advertisement for you!