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Thursday, October 23, 2008


This giveaway is for this FABULOUS Halloween Tutu in orange and black with an adorable candy corn ribbon. This tutu will fit an infant all the way up to girls 8-10.

Here are the must leave these in a comment to be entered for the contest!!

1. Please leave your name in a comment.

2. Please tell me your favorite Halloween Candy.

3. Please tell me where you are from!

This will be a SHORT contest so get those entries IN! This giveaway will be over on Sunday at 8pm. It will be mailed out on Monday morning to be worn before Halloween and perhaps for Halloween! Go ahead ladies....start leaving comments!!! :o)


yourcandidmemories photography said...

Cynthia Holsclaw

the Reese's peanut butter pumpkin cups

Denton TX!

Obama Mama said...

Amber Bowen

Candy Corn!!

Longview, TX

Crystal said...

Crystal Cooper
The black and orange candy corn
Troy, TN

~Jenn C~ said...

Jenn Cannon
Candy Corn/Reese's
Euless, TX!!

Anonymous said...

Casey Creswell

bite size snickers

Angleton, Texas

amandanbo said...

hi! my name is amanda o.
my favorite halloween candy would have to be candy corn (and snickers...not sure how hallowenish snickers is, but i love them and they are always in my candy bowl!)
i am in fort worth, texas!

MommaParnell said...

Kat Parnell
I love Necco Wafers
I life on Fort Stewart Georgia

Shellinshawn07 said...

hi my name is shelli p.

may favorite candy is carmel apple candy corn its ohh so yummy but oh so hard to find

fort polk la and new phila ohio

Anonymous said...

Keisha Carnes
Reeces & Candy Corn
Im from Tennessee

robin_titan said...

my name is Lisette i hate candy corn! and i live in texas :D

Shelley said...

Shelley A.
I love those little pumpkins (they are kind of like candy corns) .. Brach's makes some. But I also love just good ol' CHOCOLATE! ;)
Killeen, TX

Lindsey said...

Lindsey Lowery

the sour patch kids.....

Monroe, LA

Anonymous said...

Lee-Ann A.

My favorite Halloween candy is the POPCORN BALLS!!! yummy!!

I'm from a little town called Saratoga, Tx! :)

wendimarie said...

Wendi Landrum
Miniature Milky Ways
San Antonio, Texas

Cyrena said...

I'm Cyrena and my favorite halloween candy is hershey miniatures and caramel apple suckers--mmmmm!! I am from Mabank Tx but currently live in Utah since my husband is AirForce and stationed here.

Kara said...

Those chewy peanut buttery candies that are wrapped in orange or black wax wrappers. I've loved them since I was a kid! I'm 26 and a mom now... still love them!

MadelynsMommy said...


Candy Corn :)

Venus, Texas!!

Anonymous said...

Ciara Rodriguez
Pumkin Spice Kisses
Corpus Christi, Texas

angierusty said...

1. Angie Elkins
2. Oh My Word, Have you tried those new candy corn Hershey Kisses. My new favorite b/c you can only get them this time of year. They are delicious!!
3. Denham Springs, LA

JacylannNix said...

Jacylann nix


Harker Heights Texas


Anonymous said...

HI, my name is Kristen Hoy and I am addicted to candy corn!
Frisco, Texas

The Harigel Family said...

HI, Kimberly Harigel here from Pensacola, FL. I am not a candy person BUT I love Pumkin Spice Latte, too bad you can only get it this time of year. I love your style BTW

Anonymous said...

My Name is Keisha Holbrook

My fav. Halloween candy is candy corn and candy apples!

I am from a small town called Prestonsburg, Kentucky.

Amanda Kines-Phillips said...

Now you have me thinking about halloween candy! I like the caramel apple lollipops!!! And I like the pumpkin candy corn (i bite off the top part first). Its Amanda Kines-Phillips from Cairo, Georgia. :)

Jenn said...

My name is Jennifer, and I'm from Atlanta, GA. Hmmmm my favorite Halloween candy would have to be anything with caramel!!

Alicia said...

Alicia Murry

the new Hershey's kisses Candy yummy

Crawford, TX

BridgesFamily said...

Hi!! my name is Lindi Bridges and I'm from Odessa, TX! My favorite Halloween Candy are the Candy Corn Pumpkins!! YUUMMMMM! :)

Mecom said...

Hi, my name is Mecom Beach
Favorite candy is Milk Chocolate Hershey's
Bonham, Texas

JennWehman said...

Jennifer Wehman is the name

Tootsie rolls is the candy!

Corpus Christi Texas is the home front!

Anonymous said...

Hi Noelle! My name is Kit Womble, and I hail from the good ole town of Sweetwater, Texas, and I LOVE my Granny's homemade Halloween fudge!

April said...

April Fiet :)

I absolutely love the candy corn pumpkins!

Dumont, Iowa

Anonymous said...



Originally from Louisiana, now live in DFW area.

LeAnna said...

Hi Noelle!

LeAnna Hill
Olive Branch, MS
(originally from Tupelo, MS birthplace of Elvis! hee hee hee)

I absolutely LOVE blow-pops, so muchso, they were one of our wedding favors!

Anonymous said...

Jana Nunley
Candy Corn
Abilene, KS

Nicole said...

Nicole Weatherford
Candy Corn
Grand Prairie, TX

Anonymous said...

Lindy Hernandez
Brach's Halloween Pumpkins
Houston, Texas

Nat said...

Hi!I am Natalie Mohler,I love caramel apples!I am from Amory,MS :)

Heather Flores Photography said...

Heather Flores

Candy Apples

Celina TX

The Butler Family said...

June Butler

I must say my favorite Halloween candy is.... Candy Corn!

Lawton, Oklahoma

Angie G said...

1. Angie Guldahl

2. Snickers

3. Garland, TX

Frugal Fabulous Jen said...

Jennifer Rudd

Candy Corn on top of a chocolate cupcake! YUM!

North Richland Hills,TX

Anonymous said...

My name is Anita de la Isla and I love the Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins in the purple wrapper. Yummy. I am from Irving, TX. Happy Halloween!!!

Fergy said...

I'm from Grenada, MS..and I love the miniature snickers, reeses and caramel apples during Halloween..

Jodi Newman said...

1. Jodi Newman

2. skittles

3. Rowlett, Texas

emilypfaff said...

My name is Emily Pfaff

The little boxes of milk duds are my favorite.

ARlington, TX

SprMom3 said...

Carrie McAdams

Candy Corn

Fort Worth!!!

Kristi said...

Kristi Fernandez
Palestine Tex.
Candy Corns

Susan said...

Susan LaMontagne
Candy Corn
Charleston, SC

Anonymous said...

Monica Buescher
Candy Corn
Lubbock, TX

ashley said...

Ashley Voll

Savannah, TX

Halloween Mix/Autumn Mix Candy
(Pumpkins, Candy Corn, etc...)

Ashley Shilling said...

My name is Ashley Shilling

I LOVE Fun Dip! lol

From: Fort Worth, TX

Amanda said...

Amanda Nieves
Candy Corn All day =)
Lancaster, Pa

Honeybee Photography by Melissa Cotton said...

Melissa Cotton
Peanut M & M's!
LaGrange, Ga

Seeryus Mama said...

Sky Seery

Those darn Reeces Peanut Butter Cup pumpkins!! Uggggghhhhhh!!

North Platte, NE

Anonymous said...

Candy Corn Pumpkins!!

Brittani Ford


Pics & Poses said...

Brittani Usie

M&M's what else is there!

Arnaudville, LA

Anonymous said...

Missy Diamond

Love me some Candy Corn

Albany, Louisiana

Ashley said...

Ashley Kleinpeter

Snickers Candy Bar

Walker, Louisiana

Anonymous said...

Michelle Pucciarello


Fort Worth , Tx

lilcruz99 said...

Melissa Gordon

Candy Corn!

Carrollton, TX

Anonymous said...

Kelisha Brown

Candy Corn, and the little wax teeth!! hehe

Poundingmill, VA

A'Laura Bell said...

A'Laura Bell

Dark Chocolate Hershey Kisses

Seguin, TX

heatherc28 said...

Heather Collins
The mini krakel bars
Hillsboro, Texas

heatherc28 said...

heather collins
the mini krakel bars
hillsboro, texas

Melissa said...

Melissa Murphy
Reeses Pieces
Bonne Terre, Mo.

Lily said...

Mindy Seals

Hurst, Texas

I Love Reeces Peanut Butter Cups.

You have the cutest stuff ever! :-)

aubreyshotmama said...

Ashley Halbert

I am absolutely addicted to the Reese's Peanut Butter pumpkins! I just can't help myself.... :)

Tyler, TX

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Brooke Kimbro and I am from Wichita Falls, Tx. My girls and I love anything chocolate, Especially Hershey's Bars!!!!