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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Whew....HOW amazing!!

WE ARE BACK!!! These past 7 days have been a BLAST and actually super emotional for me!! I have SO many pictures to share and so many things to fill you in on!! THE BEST NEWS of the TRIP...we found an AMAZING house and it is SO up our alley! It will be ABSOLUTELY perfect for what we are wanting and for all those VISITORS we hope to be having!! Seriously....YOU MUST come VISIT!! I have a few new FAV Vegas spots and so much to tell ya!

But...I was going to post all about the house but my camera battery is DEAD, so I will be charging it ALL night and posting tomorrow! Just wanted everyone to know that we didn't forget about our blog...just had a NICE long WELL deserved VACAY!!

I also have some other very exciting news as well...but that will wait til after the big Vegas post!! :o) Have a wonderful week!!


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