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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OH how I♥ ADAM!!

NEED I say more?? Is there ANYONE else on American Idol?? Seriously...I was SO bored this week with everyone except Allison and Adam. I swear...he is JUST amazing!! I still say he reminds me of Edward from Twilight!! Alright girls....WHO IS READING OR HAS READ the TWILIGHT Series??? OH MY GAWH!! I am NOT done..but LOVES IT! Anyways, back to Adam...they are people who don't like him and I just DON'T get it....HE is AMAZING!! He will there til the end if not win the WHOLE darn thing!! you know I am rooting for ADAM all the way to the end.

Speaking of American Idol...who are TOP 3 favs to make it to the finals?? Here's mine!

1. Adam

2. Allison

3. Danny

GO ADAM!! YOU ARE TRULY amazing and HOW in the world did NO one pick you up before American Idol?? That totally blows my mind! I just LOVE his presence, confidence, his amazing voice, his smile and his looks of course!

Ok...totally OFF subject but check out these GORGEOUS and amazing SHOES that I will OWN someday even if I have to buy them off ebay! lol My husband shakes his head everytime I talk about the Christian Louboutin's shoes that I want!! Seriously...HOW fabulous are these?? Now if I just convince my husband and if I could actually walk in them!! lol I would do it though....I would put blisters ALL over my feet for these shoes!! Wouldn't you?? NOW these are some FIERCE shoes!!

Much love to everyone!!! I am leaving for LA tomorrow for 7 DAYS so I will try to keep up with the blog while I'm gone!! Have a great week!!

Totally Thankful for my faith in God and trusting in him that things will work out as planned. Totally Thankful for my NEW EYEBROWS....(got them done by Christi Harris tonight), NO WAXING, NO TWEEZING, NO THREADING, LASER, etc...LOVE THIS TECHNIQUE!! As soon in O Magazine!




Crystal said...

I totally agree with you. He is so talented and has an amazing voice.

No way, you are going to LA.. I am so jealous.. how fun that must be.

glam R baby said...

YES girl!! Love me some Adam...he has the performing side and the VOICE!! :o) Yes..for 7 days..I'm super excited! I will be thinking about you and your family...also as soon as I get back I wanted to talk to you more about what we talked about doing...I CAN'T WAIT to get everything up and going!! XOXO

Casey said...

I love Adam too!!!

Jenny said...

I do heart Adam..except for that johnny cash song I think he is awesome!! Good luck and have fun in LA...oh and the shoes. I would love to own them but i'd never have the coordination to actually walk in them! I LOVE to go to Neimans and just look at all the fancy I wear my flip-flops and know it will never happen! And I am totally loving that Bella is a shoe girl already...maybe she will own & be able to walk in them one day!

The Pifer's said...

OH those shoes are to die for!!!! I love all your pics! Your blog is so cute! I found you from Crystals blog :) I will most def. have to keep up with your "fun" blog :)