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Friday, April 17, 2009


Today as I sit at my friend's apartment in LA and do ABSOLUTELY nothing...I am thankful for the ability and opportunity to travel to see one my best friends. I am ALSO thankful for one of my very good friends and her family. We don't get to see them much but her and I had a VERY long conversation today about family, church, God and life. Her husband wasn't so sure about believing in God but lately he felt like something was tugging at him. He has been listening to a local pastor on podcast and I think God is doing work in his life. She was saying that they wanted to get back into church and start going again as a family.  We talked about how much of a difference it is when you decide to include God in your everyday life. I AM SO guilty about not doing this on a daily basis. I get caught up in everyday life, busyness, and just not stopping to talk to God. I am working on it. Brian and I are very guilty of not finding a church home to worship at every week, we KNOW it needs to be a apart of our life we just need to do it! This is one of the reasons I started doing my TOTALLY THANKFUL blogs to be reminded of God in my life and to be thankful for the things in my life. I really want to stay grounded in my life and remember where I came from. I am TOTALLY THANKFUL for my friend and her family and for God doing work in their lives. They are ready God......Brian and I have handed this journey to Las Vegas over to God.  He is in control and we are following. Thank you Lord for being a pat of my life and giving me a WONDERFUL family and friends.  I am SO grateful!!


(sorry no pics today!)  :o(

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