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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sobbin' over Marley.........

Brian comes home tonight and has like 4 movies in his hand. We don't rent movies often but I figured since I was leaving for LA in 2 days that he was renting movies to watch while I was gone. I asked him what he got and he holds up this:

Of course I was SUPER excited because I have been wanting to see it but we just haven't gotten a chance too. For those who don't know or haven't scrolled down on the right side of my blog and looked at pics...we have the CHOCOLATE version of Marley...a Chocolate Lab named Sierra Madre Saydee Dixon. Yes...she has 3 names..LOL. She is our baby girl. We mostly call her Sissy girl.....and no not because she is scared of things...more like a daughter like some call their daughters sissy. Anyways...she is our furry child, we love her SO much. She goes everywhere with us, sleeps in our bed on my husbands head or smack in between us. Now Sissy Girl did have her "Marley" moments when she was younger BUT nothing like the things Marley does...but we can relate to alot of it. Thankfully Sissy was never a chewer of anything much except her rawhides...YEAH!

She is now 5 years old and sweet as ever. She follows you wherever you go, sleeps, loves the water, loves treats, know when you are coming home, loves to lay out in the backyard and LOVES to give LOTS of kisses. She is SO spoiled and we LOVE her SO much...I can't even tell you.

Here is our baby girl: Sierra!

So, back to the was SO cute and had so many great moments where I'm like, Yeah...I remember Sierra doing that. I will say that I cried SO hard at that movie....I looked over at Brian and he was crying too. After the movie was over Brian looked at me and said, "I'm SO glad we didn't see that in theaters!" I guess he was right because I would have been a HOT MESS with makeup running all over the place.

If you have a dog or a pet that you LOVE with all your heart and truly is a part of your family you will really LOVE and appreciate this movie. I have heard that the book ends differently from the movie but I'm not sure because I haven't finished the book yet. So...Please if you are a HUGE animal lover like me, GO out rent the movie, BUY IS super cute and great for the family!!



Laurie said...

I want to see this movie badly, but my hubby is afraid that I will cry too much! Thanks for the post! I am seein' it!;)

BOWquet said...

We just started our own little business! You have awesome stuff! :)

glam R baby said...

Laurie...I WILL cry..but it is SO good!! Once you see it let me know what you thought!! XOXO

Jacquelyn G said...

I am boycotting the movie for my own good...I would cry for days!!! Maybe I can watch all but the ending ;-) OR maybe not.