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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Home sweet Home in Vegas??

I NEVER in my life thought I would bring those 2 words together, EVER! Home and is still very surreal but quickly happening. I can honestly say that I am happy about it but still really scared at the same time. I am completely trusting in God on this one though, Brian and I both are. This trip to Vegas was pretty emotional for me. It was SO exciting and SO fun, but it was also crazy driving around KNOWING that we were going to live there....WOW...what an emotional rollercoaster. We sat at the Bellagio the last night we were there eating dinner on the patio and watching the amazing fountains and I was just thinking that wow...I am going to live this...we can come here and have a super nice dinner ANYTIME we want...Vegas is like another world....there is NOTHING like it. I don't think I will want to live there forever..but it will be fun....IF ONLY I can TAKE ALONG my family and friends!! Man...that is THE hardest thing for me! I build such close bonds with the people I love the is SOO hard to be so far away and not to be able to drive to see my parents over the weekend, for my niece and nephew to be only 5 hours away, to be able to drop everything and go to my sister's have lunch with my BEST girls, dinner with my Jr League girls, going out with my fabulous gay friend Phillip, shopping with friends....UGH! This is the HARDEST part of all....BUT....I KNOW you ALL will want to come visit and YOU BETTER...DANG IT!!! Our DOOR is always open....Speaking of doors....WANNA SEE PICS OF OUR NEW HOUSE????????????'s a little background on the house before I show ya pics!

The house is about 4 miles from the strip in a secluded perfect neighborhood. It is a 24 hour guard gated and that was very important for us. We wanted to be close enough to the strip but far enough so Brian can escape from the strip world. The neighborhood is quiet, has TONS of trees, a pool, tennis courts, walking trails and a clubhouse. Our house is a little strip of a street with about 8 houses in this rectangle. The house was built in 1978, its 3330 sq ft. , 3 bedrooms, 3 bath, an upstairs patio area, 2 outdoor living spaces downstairs, a built in BBQ, mini sink, fridge, pool and spa. It is the perfect house for entertaining and for that we are SOO excited!!! are the PICTURES for you!! There are bare with me! :o)

This is the courtyard and front doors to the house...the courtyard is closed off by an iron gate.

This is the the front doors taken from the inside of the house by the stairs.

This stairs going up to the catwalk and the beautiful chandelier.

The Kitchen

The Pantry and the Double Ovens

The eating area and the family room with built in bookcases and the TV stays.

The main wall in the living these funky light fixtures...there is also a matching chandelier.

The dining room with the matching chandelier. This is ONE of the SEVEN sliding doors that go to the patio in the house...there are 5 doors down and 2 doors up.

The old skool fireplace and the poker room/lounge/bar is to the right.

The downstairs bathroom...sorry the pic is BLURRY!

The original the wood and the iron on the stairs.

Part of the hallway upstairs, love the wood beams and the color of the walls.

Part ONE of the outdoor living space. The patio is completely covered and is HUGE! It has a BBQ grill, granite bar, tiled counters and lots of cabinet space with a fridge. the outdoor speakers and all the space!

View of the pool and other patio from the upper patio!

Another view of the pool and patio.

The upstairs guest bathroom.

The HUGE guestroom...we could fit like 3 queen beds in there!

The Master Bedroom...nice mirrors huh?? lol

Master Bedroom Fireplace

The hallway to the Master Bath...the closet is on the right.

Master Bathroom

Upstairs wraps half way around the house!

Another view of the patio upstairs

View from the upstairs patio

View of the Strip..wonder what it looks like at night???

The view from the upstairs hallway

View from the top of the staircase!! :o)

Hope you enjoyed seeing our house!! We are SO excited! If you have ever been to our house now you would understand why we are SO excited about all the space and the outdoor living areas. Our house is SO small now and there is NOTHING in our we are BEYOND thrilled about this house!! We also wanted to get a house that was big enough for all our family and friends to come VISIT!! We love to entertain, so that was important too......HEY FAMILY....THANKSGIVING in VEGAS?????? SAY you will come!!! Love you guys and thanks for letting me share our EXCITEMENT!!

PS: did I tell you this was the SECOND house we looked at??



Peace, ♥, Couture!!


Frugal Jen said...

WOW! Noelle it is beautiful! This is so exciting!

momma rayne said...

wow girly that is awesome!!! beautiful! Texas will miss you!

LeAnna said...

I saw these earlier on Myspace. WOW! It looks GREAT! I know your excited and you will have to put pics up after you guys get moved in and settled!

I got my cross from Junk by Reese in yesterday, but didnt get to take a picture of it. I will get that done as soon as I can! Thanks again!

Amber said...

It's absolutely beautiful! Congrats!

glam R baby said...

Thanks Jen!! I still have something I need you to paint for me before we go!! :o) Thanks so much Momma Rayne...we will SOO miss TEXAS..but Vegas will be home for now! Awesome GLAD you got your cross!! Glad you love it!! :o) Thanks so much Amber!! Hope you are doing well....I love your NEW blog!! (((HUGS)))!!!


Jonnye said...

Hey Noelle! I have a big business proposition for ya!! Call me ;)

DigoMa said...

The house is AMAZING! It's hard to believe it was built in the 70's, everything looks brand new. You have to take a pic of you in some glamorous gown posed on that staircase! Hope I can visit some day!

Beth said...

I'm glad you found what you wanted SO FAST!!

Jen said...

Such a fabulous house! I am so excited for you! I'm thinking we need to start planning a JL girls trip to see you already!!

TwoPrettyLittleSkirts said...

What a beautiful house! I am a navy wife and I know how it is to have to leave good friends and family. I hope its a smooth transition for you!

glam R baby said...

Thanks so much everyone!! We are super excited but yes it can be very scary! Two Pretty skirts....I guess you can definately relate!! I've only lived in Dallas for 5 years...we've met some seriously amazing friends and now they will be so far away...its SO hard...but I'm trusting God on this one! Thanks so much for your sweet words!! AND Jen...YOU BETTER COME VISIT GIRL!!! I am holding you to that!! :o) XOXO

Crystal said...