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Monday, April 06, 2009

Birthdays....a little late!

I just realized the other day that I never posted about my 30th birthday! This was a SUPER big deal for me only to realize it wasn't so bad after all! :o) My hubby did all the planning for the party and did a fabulous job! All I told him was that I wanted a fabulous cake and for all my friends to be there. My birthday was December 16th, by the way...YES...a little late! HE HE best friend from LA flew in for the festivities and Brian planned a nice dinner at one of our favorite places, Buca di Bepo in Frisco. Mmmm...Italian! I had a great time and the majority of my friends where there...some couldn't make it but I understand!! I was completely overwhelmed by all the gifts I was SO unexpected! I had an amazing time and turning 30 wasn't so bad after all! :o)
Here's some pics from the festivities!
One end of the table!
Amy and Russ
my Hubby and one of my oldest friends from Dallas....Megan!

Sarah and her fiance, Brian.

My fabulous gay boyfriend Phillip (in the blue) and hi friend, Cloy.
Brian, my hubby and Jen P.
Can you tell I love this crown? Amy and Russ and her 2 precious girls gave me this Juicy Couture Piggy Bank...isn't it perfect? Of course I loved it. The darling cupcake card that came with it said this..."Noelle, We love you very much! Please use this gift to keep all of the money you make and don't forget about us when you are at the top!!" cool..of course I teared up a little...I just LOVE them and love that they have so much confidence in me and my business!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!
Yummy CHAMPAGNE and Godiva from my dear friend Patti! I SOOO LOVE champagne....she knows it too!! :o)
A Juicy Couture Gift Card and a super cute Koozie that says" 30 and FLIRTY!" from my awesome friend Taylor! Love her!!

The WHOLE group shot!!
me and all the Jr League girls!! Love them ALL!! :o)

The Fabulous CAKE! Not only was it a Tiffany Box, but it was also leopard on the bottom layer AND it was red velvet cake which is ONE of my favorites!! My husband seriously ROCKS! He is the BEST ever!!
ALMOST too pretty to eat! Almost! :o)
I ♥ my CAKE!

Love the little TAG!
me and the fabulous Amy!

From L to R: Patti, Amanda, Me, Jen R., Cece and Trisha with the scarf! :o)

Taylor and I

Brian and I at the front of Buca

The after party....Lea (my best friend from LA!!), Cloy, Phillip and me!

me and my best friend all the way from LA!! LOVE HER!!

Us being silly at the end of the night!!

Monday morning after my party, my precious niece was getting her tonsils out and I promised that I would be at the hospital. So...I took Lea to the airport at 5am on Monday morning and I made the trek to San Antonio...I made it in record time...I was trying to get there before she woke up from recovery. Anyways...I ended up staying about 4-5 days and her and I hung out alot....she couldn't talk so we played games and she wrote on her dry erase board! :o) My actual birthday was that Wednesday so my sister cooked dinner on my birthday! My dad, mom, Nonnie, Shayne, Mads and Tam were all there to help celebrate! 30 is NOT so DIRTY after all!! LOL
Bday dinner at my sister's!

Shayne, Mads and me before dinner..

Thanks for letting me share about my 30th birthday even though its like 4 months late!! :o) I will eventually get really good at this blogging thing!! Does it take anyone else like 2 hours to post SO many pictures??? Geez....'s to another busy week and next week I am OFF to LA for a WEEK to visit my best friend Lea....WE have TONS planned so I am SUPER EXCITED!!



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