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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Favorite Kid Picture

One of my favorite pictures of me and my daddy. I think I was about 2 maybe. We are hikin' at Garner State Park on the Frio RIVER!! If you LIVE in Texas and have NEVER been to the Frio...PLEASE GO!!It is AMAZING!! Let me know if you need help on where to stay, etc.

This is our furry child...Sierra Madre Saydee Dixon. Yes, she is EXTREMELY spoiled...can't you tell by her name?? We love her SO much!!

Well...what can I say about these 2??? Meet Madison and Shayne! They are my niece and nephew, Madison is 12 and Shayne is 15 now. This picture was taken last summer...they are SO much more grown up now...kinda scary!! These are the BEST kids EVAH' and I love them with all my heart!!

I was totally diggin' this idea!! Thanks to my fabo friend Brandi for such an amazing IDEA!!! One of my favorite SHOTS!!

My "model" niece Madison modeling for a glam R baby photo shoot!!

This is one of my favorite shots from the photo shoot!! It just exudes what my business is ALL about, OVER the TOP, FUN, UNIQUE and PRECIOUS!!

Now, this picture is REALLY their personality!! ONE OF MY FAVS!! :o)

So there are just SOME of my favorite kid pictures...I couldn't just pick one!! CHECK BACK as we have SOME VERY EXCITING NEWS to ANNOUNCE SOON!!!!

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Crystal said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of you and your dad. What a sweet memories. And all the others are great as well!! You are so creative and create such awesome pieces!!!

Kristina said...

Hey girl,
Where do you stay at the Frio? We have been talking about going down there for a while now, but never do...partly b/c we dont know where to stay!!!!

Anonymous said...

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