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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Praying for Kate.........

This is Kate McRae. She is 5 years old and an absolutely GORGEOUS little girl and full of some much life. Just 15 short days AGO she was a normal, happy , thriving child until they found out she had a brain tumor. She was immediately taken into surgery to remove what they could but she has a LONG road ahead of her. Please pray for Kate, her mom and dad (Holly and Aaron) and the rest of their family.

I stumbled across their story from Kelly's Korner and I went the Kate's caringbridge website immediately and read Holly and Aaron's journal from the beginning and just prayed and cried out to the Lord for this family. I do not know them but I cannot imagine then pain, hurt, hopelessness, helplessness and shock they are feeling. They are a Christian family and are asking people to cry out to God in prayers for this sweet little angel. They have a lot of faith in God, believe in the might power of prayer and the all soldiers that are faithfully praying. This story has touched my heart in a very profound way and I am continually praying for Sweet Kate.

(Kate and her daddy the day before her surgery)

Please look at her website, know her story, pray for their family and keep this little girl in your hearts as she battles the fight for her life. Please feel free to send them emails, cards, notes, ANY THING to help lift their spirits. I will post an address to the hospital at the end of the post and you can also email them through the website

Holly's (Kate's mom) email address in on the Caring Bridge website, please send her a note just to lift her up or let her know you are thinking about Kate and their family and you know her story. The more people praying the better.

This picture is from July 10th, the FIRST TIME she smiled after her surgery on June 30th.

Here is also a Youtube video from the day before her surgery and her parents telling you a little about what is going on.

Here's the address to the hospital if you heart leads you to mail a card, art work made by your kids, flowers, anything!! They will appreciate to know people are praying for them and thinking of them constantly! I CANNOT even begin to imagine what they are going through right now.

Phoenix Children's Hospital

1919 East Thomas Road

Phoenix, AZ 85016United States


In him,



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