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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


What a HORRIBLE blogger I have been!! Yikes...I can't even believe its been SO long since I have written a single blog! I promise I will get better at it...we have had SO much going on in our lives the past month or so...SOOO much to BLOG about!! So let's start with some EXCITING news that I want to share with everyone!!

I have some BIG news to lets see is you can guess! IF you already know....please DON'T guess....I will reveal it tomorrow or Thursday!!

Here's some HINTS for you:


Hint #2: FLASHY see if you have any guesses and are anywhere near on the right track! LOL

Also...I have some new bows that are to DIE FOR and some ADORABLE pictures to share with you from B4 Photography that were done for her Valentine Mini Sessions!! SO STINKING CUTE!!!

Here are some new BOWS!!

These are just some of the adorable Valentine's Bows that I made! They are SO fun to make!

Zebra and Hot Pink Headband with added rhinestones!!

Another FABULOUS Valentine's Bow or just to go with with anything black, red or ZEBRA!!

Well...thanks for guessing our exciting news!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!! I will blog another hint tomorrow and then reveal on THURSDAY!! Off to dinner with some FABULOUS friends!!



Frugal Jen said...

I heard the news....!!! I won't spoil it.

LOVE the new bows!!! Missed you in bloggyland.

glam R baby said...

I know...I have been a HORRIBLE blogger!! YIKES!! I know you know!! LOL Also..I need to get with you on 2 pieces of furniture!! XOXO

The Thompson's said...

SO glad your back. I missed you cuz! I wont say anything since I am family I already know, but let me just say that I am really excited for both of you and know it should be beyond exciting. We will for sure come and visit;) Ok if Im saying too much just delete whatever part of this you want.

Love and Prayers,


LeAnna said...

Okay, so the first thing that popped into my mind when you said 'surprise' was that you were expecting. But then when I read the clues "flashy" doesnt really go with being preggars, so then I thought you were adding a jewelry line to your glam-r-line. But then when I read the comments and someone said they were happy for the both of you (assuming they meant both you & your husband) I dont really think he would be all beyond "excited for both of you" for jewelry. So honestly, I had no clue! HA!

glam R baby said...

LOL!! All good guesses LeAnna!! Keep 'em coming.....maybe todays blog will help a little more!! :o) XOXO