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Thursday, February 12, 2009


You guessed RIGHT!! YES...we are moving to VEGAS!! may ask yourself, why are they moving to Vegas??'s the short story of why!

My husband started playing Texas Hold 'Em about 2 years ago and has been 100% hooked and obsessed ever since! He eats, sleeps, watches, and thinks poker ALL the time! He has gotten to the point where I am simply a poker widow on the weekend because he is at the casino every weekend in Oklahoma. (its about a hour and a half drive) Its not like he just goes for a couple hours...NO...he goes at 1pm on Saturday and comes home at 8am on Sunday!! It is crazy but he's usually bringing home a good chunk of change! :o) He is very good and is still learning and reading new things about poker everyday! This is HIS dream to be a PROFESSIONAL POKER PLAYER and I am behind him 100%! I know he can do it and we have decided to live life with NO REGRETS!! Now...most of you don't know my husband but your probably thinking to yourself...why on EARTH would you move to Vegas so your hubby can play poker....its a game of LUCK!

Well I'm here to tell you that I have one of the most logical and intelligent hubby's around. Poker is NOT about luck...its a game of patience and skill and yes some luck is involved but there is MUCH more to it! If my husband is 2 things...he is skillful and patient as ALL get out..hello..he married me!! LOL No seriously though..I have 100% faith in him and we have both put our faith in God and asked him for guidance with this move. Doors keep opening to make this move so we are going for it!! We are selling our house and we are making a ONE year commitment to VEGAS!! We will then reevaluate our situation and then decide what to do!! Obviously I can continue my business where ever we go so that's not an issue! Please pray for my family as we embark on this journey and one HECK of an ADVENTURE!! We are super excited and hope to be in VEGAS by May!!! I truly believe you will one day see Brian on ESPN playing poker with all the pros!! I am so proud of him for making this move and following his dreams!! I love you Brian!!! XOXO

I look forward to traveling to the surrounding states when Brian is not playing and just seeing all there is to see in Vegas! My best friend Lea, lives in LA so she is SUPER excited to have us only about 4 hours away! I am so excited to be able to see the BELLAGIO fountains whenever I so beautiful!!!

Again...keep us in your prayers and thanks so much for all the wonderful support!! It will be SO fun to blog about all of our adventures in and around VEGAS!! VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!



Frugal Jen said...

That is so exciting!!! Now you will have to blog about your journey and move to Vegas.

LeAnna said...

HA!! I cant belive I actually got it right!! That is SO exciting!Well both CONGRATS and good luck to you guys!!

glam R baby said...

I know...I was very impressed with the guesses!! will be awesome and a HUGE adventure!! Can't wait to keep you all up to date on the happenings of the next few months!!! XOXO