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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

B4 Photography & MORE HINTS!!

Isn't this the CUTEST thing ever??? These pictures were done by B4 Photography and I don't think they could be any sweeter!!! She did Valentine Mini Sessions last weekend and you can see a slideshow of all the pics on her website and even the front page of her website is Valentine theme!! SO CUTE!! I am ALWAYS honored to be chosen to provide all the "ACCESSORIES" for her photo shoots! She is extremely popular in the DFW area and books up weekends VERY quickly!! She is also doing live BUNNY Mini Sessions and those book up super fast so if you are interested you better act fast! She will be posting the session dates on her BLOG so keeping checking it! Thank you BRANDI for providing an amazing service that will last a LIFETIME!! We love you!! XOXO on to a couple more hints.....

Hint #3 - Pursuing a DREAM

Hint #4- Hot and Dry

That is all I have for you today! Good luck with the guessing and I will reveal the BIG SURPRISE tomorrow!! We are SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!!

PS: My hubby and I have a date night tonight and we are going to have dinner and then I have rented the movie "Fireproof" for us to watch...I would LOVE to know if any of you have seen it! I have heard amazing things about it and I am surprising him with the movie so he couldn't do any research on it!! LOL I would love to know your thoughts and I will let you know how much I love it...I have a feeling I WILL!!! :o)



LeAnna said...

Okay so today from your new hints, I am guessing that you guys are moving somewhere...Vegas maybe?! Im probably still wrong, but thats all Ive got! HA!

LeAnna said...

Oh and the Valentine's bows are SUPER cute! And I have seen 'Fireproof' and it was AWESOME!! My husband and I went to see it and surprisingly he enjoyed it just as much as I did. The beginning starts off a little, well bad (acting wise), but it gets better! You guys will LOVE it!

Katy Reininger said...

I was also going to guess Vegas! and the movie is a good one. the acting is pretty cheesy but if you can get past that it is a great movie! my husband and i really liked it! =)

Alix said...

Hi Noelle!!!

Thank you so much for coming over to Casa Hice and leaving such a nice comment.

Dallas is awesome. I love it there too and always look forward to visiting my sister. She's in Lewisville, but one of her daughters is in Lake Dallas and the other one is in Denton. During our visit we got around a lot, but the one thing we couldn't squeeze in was zipping up to George and Laura's new digs in Dallas. We heard a gate was going up soon to keep the gawkers at bay, so we might have been disappointed when we got there if the gate was already up. Oh well.

I am beginning a multiple part post on our Dallas adventure entitled "The Dallas Diaries," so please feel free to come back buy and read up on our activities. You might even see some familiar sights and recognize some familiar references.

By the way... LOVE your blog. Very pretty. I need to carve out some time to read it fully. Any blog with Christian music is just alright with me!

glam R baby said... guys are good!! LOL And your blog and your welcome...can't wait to read about your ventures in Dallas!

BTW: Loved Fireproof...YES..very cheesy acting but what a great message and I loved the MUSIC!!