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Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Bright New Star: Jessie James and a GIVEAWAY!!

Wow...where do I start about this girl?? I met Jessie when she was 11 years old. Yikes...that was 10 yrs ago! lol I was working in a drop in daycare center and her mom dropped her and her 2 siblings off for the day. The kids were nice and I think they liked me. When mom picked them up she asked if I babysat and I said of course. Long story short, I ended up watching them a couple times a week for about 6 months. Mom worked in television and she traveled so she would sometimes be gone overnight. I simply came to love these kids...they weren't too sure about babysitters at first but they quickly came to like me. We always had tons of fun! Jessie was a singer even that girl could belt it out like I'd never heard before. She used to yodel, sing Christina Aguilera, sing Britney better than Britney sings and lots of country!

Sydney(9), Jessica(12) and John(6) (this was the last time I saw them)

She never really liked school and the girls were mean to her. (They were just jealous!) I always knew this girl was going places! After about 6 months, mom had met a great guy and they were getting married and moving to Georgia. I was SO sad to see them go...we kept in touch a little over the years but I found her about 3 years ago or so on myspace and was SO excited! She was still singing and doing her thing!

She entered a Grammy contest a couple years back and I just knew she was about to BUST out into our world of music! Not only does this girl have MAD talent.. SINGING, writing her own music and PLAYING guitar, but SHE IS GORGEOUS!!! I am SO happy for her and there was NEVER a doubt in my mind this girl would be a BIG STAR, be blowing up ALL over the place!! Everywhere I look, there she is on TV, I hear her songs on the radio all the time, on movies, on TV shows. OH and just yesterday she was PERFORMING on the ELLEN show! :o) I URGE you to GO out, buy her album, buy 5 copies and listen to the ENTIRE thing! The entire CD is rocking and I guarantee you will LOVE her music! She's a little country, a little pop and a little rock and roll!! CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE!!!

OK...because I love this girl and know how talented she is and I want all of you to check out her music....glam R baby will be giving away the NEW Jessie James CD...Not just ONE copy...BUT TWO!! I haven't done a contest in forever so I figured this would be PERFECT!! YEAH...everyone LOVES giveaways and FREE stuff and you WON'T be disappointed by her MUSIC!!

photo by:Karolina Wojtasik

Here's the GIVEAWAY rules:

1. Leave a comment after you have checked out her website and listen to one of her songs and tell me what you think..that's ONE entry.

2. Please tell me what you think, and leave your name and EMAIL address in your comment!!

3. Also...if you post this on your blog you get an additional entry. (Please leave a comment telling me that you posted it on your blog!)

So thats it...let the GIVEAWAY begin!! This will end in 2 start commenting!!




Amanda Kines-Phillips said...

Okay, so you know how I feel/what I think about her music!!! Awesome! I'll go and post this on my blog now!

Amanda :^)

Amanda Kines-Phillips said...

And here's my other entry for posting it on my blog :^)

Frugal Jen said...

My favorite is "Wanted". Me and Katelyn love to sing it in the car. Madeline even joins in.

We saw her at the Jonas Brothers concert. I was blown away not only was she beautiful but that girl can sing!

She is Kate's favorite singer next to the JB's. I was trying to find a place on her site to ask for autograph photos. Kate would love on. Do you know how?

Anonymous said...

Love the song Cowboy! She rocks!!!

Sarah Warnick

Angela said...

Saw her on Ellen! She's great!!

Mommy of Multiples said...

What a great artist!! Hard to choose a fav song but Cowboy is a fun one!

Frugal Jen said...

I posted about it on my blog.

:) Jen

Tabi said...

Aghh....her website won't work for me!! Will try again later!