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Monday, June 08, 2009

Put on your Dancin' SHOES!!

OK...SHORT Post...but I had to tell you to all put on your dancing shoes, turn up your speakers and DANCE in the rain!! I am havin' one of those days where I am dancin' to the beat, thankin' God for this day, blessed for my family and friends and SO appreciate of my husband, my business and LIFE in general. glam R baby has been SUPER busy and for that I am SOOOO grateful!! I really do have AMAZING customers!! I had a BAD Thursday last week but I DECIDED that Friday that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and God is in control and he has COMPLETE control of my life!!! Its quite an amazing feeling!!

Ok...UPDATE on the Bentley BOWS!! Orders are still coming in for them ( SO THANKFUL!!!) and I had SO many orders that I ran out of one of the CRUCIAL ribbons for the bow! It should arrive this week and I can get EVERYONE else's orders out to them!! I am mailing 5 orders of Bentley Bows today!! WOOHOO!! PLEASE be WILL get them I promise...I was just shocked to see how many were ordered and that I RAN out of ribbon!! lol

THANKS again for all the support for Bentley...I know the Welsh Family appreciates it more than we probably know!!

Well..I will be back soon...I have NEW outfits to POST!!!


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Frugal Jen said...

How is the Vegas move going? We are going in a few weeks, I am super excited!