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Monday, March 16, 2009



SUPER DUPER excited about this giveaway!! OK...I will give you a little background on how I know this FABULOUS LADY!! She has a little girl and she has been a WONDERFUL customer of mine! Miss E is always decked out in my bows and clothes!! I just LOVE my LOYAL customers!! Well....she started making these really great crosses and I just HAD to have one for my glam R Baby office! So I told her what I liked and she TOTALLY nailed it!! I LOVED it!! So I ended up ordering 2 more for me for my house and one for my sister as a house warming gift. They are SO well made, FABULOUS and the best thing about is that she will make them COMPLETELY custom!! They are made to YOUR specifications! TRUST will NEVER be disappointed with her crosses!!

So I am SURE you are dying to know what the giveaway will be!!! guessed AMAZING CROSS by JUNK BY REESE!! This cross was hand picked by me because it is SOO my style!! I love ANYTHING animal print so I knew it had to include that! All her crosses are handmade and ready to hang on the wall. They make great gifts for ANY occasion are they are a GREAT size! The are perfect for birthdays, baby showers, housewarming parties, wedding showers (think: a cross with the happy couples initials to hang in their NEW home!), holidays, or FOR yourself!! You can make them fun and funky, traditional, elegant and even MANLY! The possibilities are ENDLESS....Junk By Rees DOES NOT disappoint!!! :o)

($50 Value)

Isn't it ADORABLE?? It is perfect for your baby's room, your tween's room, college dorm room or maybe you are FUNKY like me and it will GO anywhere in your house!! Love the zebra, the splash of the lime green and the metal cross on top of the 3 layers of crosses.

If you are interested in ordering crosses by Junk By Reese please contact her here or by email. ( She is working on getting a website when they get back from vacation. are the rules for ENTERING into to our drawing.

You will have 15 TOTAL chances for entries for this AMAZING cross!!

Here are the specifics:

-ANYONE can enter this giveaway, you don't have to have a is available for ANYONE.

-Leave your FULL name and your favorite HOBBY in a comment: 1 entry

-Post giveaway on your blog & link to my blog & to JUNK BY REESE (let me know) : 2 entries

-Order and pay for a cross by Junk By Reese: 10 entries

-Tell a friend about the giveaway (make sure they let me know your name): 2 entries

Let's get this giveaway started!! Start commenting and GOOD LUCK!! THE GIVEAWAY WILL END on MARCH 22ND at MIDNIGHT!!


MY awesome glam R baby cross!! (photo by B4 Photography)

Love the shape of the crosses and OF course the fleur de lis!

Love the TURQUOISE in this one!!

What a great one to remember a loved one! (This was ordered by a really good friend of mine who's husband lost a brother. She ordered 6 of these crosses for family members.)

How ADORABLE is this one?? This would be SO cute in a nursery or your princesses room!

Love how clean and sophisticated this one is and I love the PERSONALIZATION of it.

Ooohhh..this would look GREAT in my house! I love leopard print and it is scattered ALL throughout my house!

Unfortunately most of us know someone or has a family member that has been affected by Breast Cancer. What another great way to add awareness with this great ALL pink cross!

Last but not least...this super stylish and FUN red and zebra cross with LOTS of BLING!! You all KNOW how I love BLING!! :o)

These are just a few of the possibilities....they are just to give you an idea of what she can do!! Can't wait to see how many entries we get!! Well...I'm finally OFF to bed!! GOODNIGHT or good morning!





Kristin Acoba said...

Kristin Acoba
My favorite Hobby is Photograpshy! it is my passion. I really love the crosses there soo pretty! even if i dont win i may want to order one! thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!!! Of course you know my favorite hobby is sewing and creating! I think if I win that cross Kayden will have to just carry it around with her outfit LOL!!! Or I might be inspired to redecorate the girls room!

Frugal Jen said...

Great giveaway, I love her crosses!

My hobby is painting, EVERYTHING!


Angie said...

What an a beautiful piece of Art. My hobby is collecting crosses!!!!! All sizes, colors and the more unique the better. I hang all of my crosses in my hallway.

Eryn said...

Love it! My "new" favorite hobby is photography. I'm slowly learning and hoping to get better at it. I've always been into various other things such as sewing and crafts. Love being creative! Thanks!

Eryn Laviolette

Jennifer Pollan said...

Love the cross, would be soo cute in my daughters nursery. My favorite hobby is making diaper cakes or anything crafty. Thanks for a great giveaway.

LeAnna said...

Oh WOW! Those are awesome! My name is LeAnna Hill and I LOVE anything to do with being crafty!!

Jodi said...

I love her crosses, so FUN!
Jodi Hayes
I love making hair bows and scrapbooking!!

Cathy Angel said...

My name is Cathy Angel, hi Noelle!
My hobby right now is trying to be crafty and make tutus for my daughter!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Toni Wilcox and my hobby is photography. The crosses are so beautiful!!

N Mohler said...

My Fav hobby is my phototgraphy!

klwhelchel said...

My name is Kristi Stanberry and my hobby is traveling, but my husband would say it is spending money!

April said...

April Gallo -
My hobby at the moment is school, school and more school. I also love anything crafty I can do with my hands from photography to scrapbooking, making cute accessories for my 4 girls, painting, anything.

Amanda Weaver said...

Hi!My name is Amanda Weaver and my fav. hobby is scrapbooking.I scrap every photo just about,lol.I am fixin to redo my oldest girls room in hot pink and zebra,this would be a wonderful addition!!

Sarah Warnick: said...

Wow this is great! It's a close call between photography and collecting goodmama cloth diapers but infant photography is my favorite of all. My nikon is attached to my hip along with my kids.

Sarah Warnick

Anonymous said...

My favorite hobby is shopping for cute stuff for my 2 kiddos! :)

Amanda Ward

Nina McMillan said...

My fav Hobby is my kids!! As in all the stuff I do for them..taking pics of them or making them cute clothes..or some crafty thing for their room. Which btw..that hot pink & lime cross would match PERFECT! Keep up the good work girls! GlamRBaby clothes are the best & Junk by Reese is cute & classy ;)

Nina McMillan

Nina McMillan said...

btw..i posted a blog on BOTH my myspace accts (personal)


Nina McMillan

Anonymous said...

My name is Seana Johnson, and my favorite Hobby is chasing around my 14 month old daughter!! Ballet comes in a close second when I have the time :-) What beautiful crosses!! She is very talented!

Elysia said...

My name is Elysia Wiesen and MY favorite hobby is photography. I love to just go for a walk and see what I can see. I actually started to take myself more serious and now within three months I have a fully licensed and accredited photography studio! I am so excited. Thanks for letting me share my hobby!

Elysia said...

AND... The crosses are AMAZING... I tried to paint one a couple months and it was a DISASTER! So I can appreciate the craft(woman)ship that went into such a beautiful piece of art... KEEP IT UP GIRL... I WILL SPREAD THE WORD.. My girlfriends in TEXAS will eat those up!

glam R baby said...

Thank you ladies!!! Keep posting and telling your friends!! Don't forget to let me know if you post in a blog or on your myspace.

Thanks Girls and guys!! :o)


Peace, ♥,COUTURE!!!

Shana said...

WOW! These crosses are so cute!! I am so happy to have found your blog! My hobby is blogging =)

Kristens Creations said...

Thanks for your visit! So you're Tim's cousin? He's a great guy!

I do have an esty store, it's located under "my Links" right under "My followers".

Your blog is fabulous! Love the crosses, I'll have to go check them out. Kristen

The Moody Chiperno's said...

My favorite hobby is photography, also. My full name is Stephanie Anne Moody :)

Elysia said...

I posted on myspace yesterday a and will do again today...

Becky said...

Those are beautiful crosses! Just beautiful! My favorite hobby is blogging and designing websites...and also photography :)

Laurie said...

I love, love, love those crosses! My favorite hobby is creating anything and everything! Great giveaway!

Laurie said...

My full name is Laurie Niebuhr (I know this doesn't count as another entry:))

Ashley said...

Ashley Swallow - One of my favorite hobbies is scrapbooking! Love the crosses!

Gina said...

Hi my name is Amanda and my hobby if playing the French Horn. :) It really is a unique instrument and it's fun and complicated to play. I always love a great challenge! I hope I win the cross it is so beautiful.