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Thursday, September 11, 2008

WEIGHING HEAVY..................

Wow...this has been weighing heavy on me for the last couple weeks in waiting for "this" day. Sometimes I get so caught up in everyday errands, busy-ness, work, family that I forget to STOP and remember how I felt that day and how I wanted to just cling to my friends and family. I remember just being in shock and having a great feeling of absolute disbelief.

Now its 7 years later and I have this lump in my throat as I watch videos and listen to news reports from that day. It has such an impact on me still and everyone else for that matter. Its a day NO ONE will ever forget.

I pray for the families who lost loved ones. They were moms, dads, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, husbands,wives, grandaughters, grandsons, grandparents, aunts, uncles, step sisters, brothers, moms and dads. They were people like you and me and they deserve to be remembered always. Things like this put piddly things in perspective for me. So what if I didn't get enough sleep, so what if I don't feel good, so what if I can't get everything done that I want to, I'm here.

I pray that September 11th, 2008 is a beautiful day of rememberance and dedication to all of the heroes, and HEROES they ALL ARE. Thank you God for my life everyday and please Lord be with everyone as they remember and dedicate this day to all that were lost. Help us to remember what is REALLY imporant and to remember that sometimes things AREN'T SO bad. God Bless everyone.


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The Thompson's said...

Amen sister Amen. And let us not forget our President (no matter what some might think of him) who has waged a war on terror since that devistating day to protect the safety and freedom of our country, and to our next president (John McCain) who has been fighting for our freedom well before many of us were born. He has already made sacrifices for our country that none of us could ever understand. He will continue this fight against those who threaten our country and all those who live in it.